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Arbor Project

This customer already had an existing deck, but the afternoon sun made it unbearably hot. They asked for an arbor to be designed that would shade the deck, allow for the crank-out windows to open and not block the view from the rear of their home. This design hit all of those requests. Note the perfectly angled cuts on the top of the arbor, it drops the afternoon temperature about 15 degrees! The arbor was left unfinished at the request of the client.

Gazebo Project

This couple just built a new home in Hinckley, Ohio and wanted a new deck to compliment it. This deck features an eight sided gazebo with shingles that match the ones on their new home.

Hot Tub Pad Project

At CCB, we create lots of custom decks and gazebos but not every client needs something so complex. This family wanted to place a hot tub off their existing deck within 2 days, but didn't want an unsightly concrete pad or build a raised deck. Our solution is an economical way to create a deck pad that can support well over 7000 pounds and be built (and ready to use) in just two days. We started on Thursday and the hot tub was placed in service on Saturday!

Project start - original decking to be removed. We recommended that an existing tree be removed for saftey and future growth wouldn't cause any problems with the decking.

Decking is pulled away. We filled this with two tons of gravel and two tons of sand, packed it, and then ran 4x6 across it.

Here's the 4x6's in place, which were further fortified with rebar drilled through them and into the ground. We then packed with sand again.

The client's daughter thought this was her sand hill! Sorry sweetie, it's all going under the deck!

Finished! This deck will easily support a 7 person hot tub and give many years of flawless service.

Deck Project

This homeowner recently purchased hew home in North Ridgeville, Ohio. Her home backs up to a very dense forest preserve, and she was worried about animals taking up residence under her new deck. The deck was built with a full skirt enclosing the entire perimeter.

Deck and Hot Tub Project

This newlywed couple wanted a hot tub and deck combo. Their back yard backs up
to a Cleveland Metro Parks park and they wanted to enjoy the view and privacy
while also enjoying their new tub.

The deck portion measures 16' deep by 28' in length. The six-sided hot tub platform is 7 1/2 feet
per side,and two steps above the main deck. The hot tub also measures 7 1/2 feet per side
and has a total weight of roughly 6000 pounds when filled with water and people. To support
that weight, the tub platform has four triple 2 x 10 beams resting on 10 12" concrete pilings.

The gazebo posts are in six separate 12" pilings. The complete project is built in #2 pressure treated lumber.

The deck is fully wired with four 120V outlets and 14 low voltage halogen lights mounted in the railings. The lights can be controlled by either a timer, photoelectric sensor or an on/off switch. The walkway from the patio to the deck was excavated to remove unstable dirt and roots and filled with a packed sand-cement mixture to help withstand frost heaving.


"Timber Tech" Deck Project

A recent customer wanted a maintenance free deck to compliment their new home and give easy access to their pool. They also wanted a covered area to provide some shade and protection from the weather.

This deck's frame is typical pressure treated lumber, but the deck surface, railings, steps, skirt and fascia are made of Timber Tech, a virgin vinyl and wood composite. The deck and fascia have a wood grain pattern embossed into them making them look like weathered wood and making them very slip resistant when wet. The gazebo is supported by 6x6 timbers and is covered in the same shingles that are on the home. Low voltage halogen lights in the steps and railing posts provide a nice glow at night.

Though the initial cost of the composite deck and railing are quite high compared to typical pressure treated material, the 20 year warranty on the material and years of maintenance free usage make this deck very affordable.


Wraparound Deck Project

This customer wanted a new deck off their family room to connect to an existing set of steps and landing. The deck wraps around the corner of the house, and the customer wanted a place in the corner that would provide shade for potted plants and a place to hang flower baskets.

The deck design required five beams resting on 11 concrete footers. It is also tied into the rim joist of the house. The vinyl siding was cut back and 3"x 4" flashing installed between the house and new ledger board to keep the home weather tight. Strong Tie Z-MAX connecting hardware was used for all joist hangers and to reinforce all angled joist connections. The foundation and beams were installed so the finished height of the deck matched the existing landing.

The deck is made of 5/4 X 6" ACQ treated pine screwed to the joists. It features 45 degree miter from the corner of the house to the edge of the railing. All cut edges of the deck are rounded over to prevent cracking and splintering. The screws are 2-1/2" polymer coated to prevent rust and corrosion, and are rated for use in ACQ treated lumber.

The railing incorporates a pergola in the corner to provide shade and a place to hang flower baskets. It is tied into the existing stair railing and matches its height and style.

The customer requested a full skirt between the ground and deck instead of a more typical lattice. The full skirt does a better job of keeping critters out while small spaces between the boards still provide adequate ventilation.

Day 1 - land cleared and foundations poured

Day 2 - beams and joists in place

Day 3- Deck and Railings started

Day 4 - Deck floor and skirt done

Day 5 - Pergola Done

Complete! Another CCB deck that will last years and years with very little maintenance.

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