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Recent Custom Baby Furniture Projects

Custom Built Cradle

Columbia Custom Built has created many one-of-a-kind baby furniture pieces. Below are some samples of a cradle and a baby chair hand-crafted for clients that only want the highest quality for their new bundle of joy!

A custom cradle built, but not finished. Note the 30 hand lathed spindles and
curved cradle header. Using "old world techniques", CCB steams the wood
in order bend it to the desired arc and shape.

First coat of finish applied

One last picture sent in by the client. Another happy customer sound asleep
in a Columbia Custom Built cradle

Custom Built Kiddie Rocking Chair

Columbia Custom Built has created many "kid" chairs for clients. The chair below is approximately 2 feet high. Note the custom lathed spindles and "steam bent" chair rail. These old-world techniques take time and cost more than a store bought chair, but the end result is an heirloom quality piece that your family will cherish for generations.

This little tike loves the chair
created by Columbia Custom Built

Custom Built Kiddie Table/Chairs

This is a tiger maple kiddie table and chairs.

A tea party on a one-of-a-kind Columbia Custom Built
handcrafted table.

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